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About Backroads Photography

We are a husband(Tim) and wife(Suzanne) team with 18+ years of experience. What started out as a purely creative outlet for photographer and muse has blossomed into a studio specializing in Intimate Portraiture of Women.

Creating beautiful imagery remains the singular focus and passion of our photography. We are excited and inspired to share our experience and creative vision with you. We want to provide an unforgettable life experience, as well as the photographs to commemorate the story of your unique feminine beauty and power.

What is "Intimate Portraiture"?

Some call it "Boudoir", but we feel this conjures a narrow photographic style taken in a bedroom setting. Here at Backroads Photography, we don't want your shoot and resulting photographs to be limited to a pre-defined photography style. When you decide to do a photo session with us, we want to work with you and collaborate on the style(s) of photographs that you envision for yourself. It's all about you, it's intimate.

As the cliche goes, a picture is worth a thousand words so instead of a bunch of words trying to describe the styles we work in most frequently, head on over to our main Backroads Photography Site and peruse our galleries. Keep in mind those "styles" are very general and there can be a wide variety of the type of work that can be done within each of them.

For more info on a session with Backroads Photography, simply continue to scroll down on this page.

Experience. We are a husband/wife team with 18+ years of experience behind - and in front of - the lens. 

A Judgement Free Space. We honor all women. All sizes, shapes, and ages. There is no pre-defined size, age (18+), sexual orientation, identity or look for our photography. 

Every Session A Collaboration. We don't do cookie cutter photo sessions. You are a unique woman; your photos should be too! Each session with Backroads is a true collaboration between yourself and us. The experience we bring combined with your ideas and visions will result in original, beautiful and bold photographs.  

We Take The Time That Is Needed. We are creating art from who you are and that cannot be rushed! We don't schedule more than one shoot per day, and we meticulously work photo sessions to ensure we come away with the results each of our clients deserve. Art takes time.  We have patience and will take our time to get the best looks and shots. No rushing here. This is about making art and having a life changing experience while we're at it!

The Ever Elusive Concept of Photo Re-touching. Tim is an expert level retoucher. From minimal to high level custom composite artistry - he's got you covered! We will discuss this concept further with you during your pre-shoot consults.

No Modeling Experienced Needed! We will work with you every step of the way. We help you pose and position yourself to achieve the most beautiful shots. We will make sure your wardrobe, hair and makeup is on-point. Before it's done, you'll feel like a pro and will already be planning your 2nd and 3rd shoots!

Our Studio: We offer year round, private shoots in our 1000 sq. foot studio and surrounding grounds (weather permitting). Want to meet in a special location? We've photographed clients in multiple countries, settings, and climates. Beaches, hotels, lakes and mountains. We love it all. So many locations and ideas, so little time!

Our Clients: We look forward to partnering with clients who are inspired to create unforgettable memories immortalized in the form of breathtakingly beautiful images. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality photographic products. Let us show you how our lens sees you, and then together we can show the world. Make no mistake, that look in your eyes can slay dragons. We want to capture that look on you and immortalize it. Be unapologetic, be shameless, be self-loving. You are beautiful and have a story to tell. Trust in us to author your visual biography.

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Why Would I do this?

The Experience! A brilliant person once said, "There's no hell like regret". Sure, a photo session can be a little scary at first, but isn't anything you've ever done that's been worth doing had an element of fear and uncertainty in it? Didn't you have to overcome those things to get where you wanted or to learn something new and invaluable about yourself? Years from now, you will look at these photos, remember how amazing you felt that day, and recall your courage and experience with a sexy smile. Everyone likes to look back on old photos, and an intimate portraiture photo session is no exception. One day you’ll look back and love how amazing you felt (and looked!) on that day.

Confidence Is Sexy!  To be sure, each of us has insecurities. We spend so much energy focusing on the things we dislike about ourselves instead of the things we love. We think, I could never do a photo session like that until I lose 10 pounds, until I tighten up my butt, until I work on those abs... until until until...when? News flash: Your partner loves you just the way you are and you should too!! We are always our own worst critics, and an intimate portraiture session can help you realize how beautiful, inside and out, you truly are! Everyone deserves to feel great about themselves! Find yourself with us. Wander the Backroads of your mind, unlock that secret door and unleash the person hiding inside. Let her out. Let her roar! We want to empower you and fill you with irreversible confidence and sensuality.

It Makes A Fantastic Gift, Celebration of a Life Event or Milestone! Are you celebrating your wedding,  anniversary, birthday, Valentines, hard earned results in the gym, or just simply the acceptance of how awesome of a woman you've become? We want to be privileged with the opportunity to share that with you and help immortalize your beauty as you are in this moment, today.  We know that you will want to show off the portraits we capture of you. Each shoot is a celebratory custom-designed experience, resulting in memories and photos that will last you a lifetime. 

Girl Power! We want to empower you and fill you with a sexy confidence that you may not have even known was within you. More than likely you’ll feel like you can conquer the world after your shoot. We've heard this kind of revelation more than once from our past clients.  Read the testimonials!

Modeling Is Fun! You don’t have to be an expert, that’s what we are her for!  We'll guide you through it all and before you know it you’ll be posing like a pro and having a blast doing it! Be a glammed up model for a day! 

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It's OK to be nervous. We offer a no judgement zone. This is about YOUR comfort level and we will help ease any nerves you have. Our job is to master posing, light, emotion, etc… 

No, you don't have to lose 5 or 10 pounds to book a shoot. This is the #1 reason people delay their booking, Don't make this mistake! This is the photographer's job! Proper wardrobe, lighting and posing will always make you look your best. Oh, and there is also retouching to help with any fine tuning that is needed to make the shot perfect.

Do you provide wardrobe? Our studio is packed with a beautiful selection of bras, corsets, dresses, shoes, hand crafted jewelry, props and accessories that you are welcome to borrow for your shoot! While we are very proud of the range of styles and sizes we offer, we can obviously not guarantee that we’ll have something for everyone. If using ours, we do still recommend you bring your own options as well. During your pre-shoot consult we’ll talk all about what to bring and how to prepare. This consult, done over the phone or via email, helps us get to know one another and also gives us time to plan what you’d like to wear and what you should bring with you. 

Will you use my images online? We will never post anything without your permission and a signed model release.  All the images you see online are images that our clients have graciously allowed us to share. 

Any other concerns? Please contact us anytime! 

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Prior to booking we would be happy to setup a phone call, Skype, Face Time or meet for coffee to answer any questions you have. Just reach out to us and say hi! 

Once you book a session with us: We will work hand in hand on concept planning, style and wardrobe guidance. We want you to have a fully customized intimate portrait session in our private studio. We will send you some wonderful resources for what to wear and how to prepare for your session! Your session fee covers pre-planning, hair & makeup, private time in our studio, and a follow-up review/selection session (usually ~2 hrs). Choose to own the images you love at your review/selection session and choose from our menu of highest quality handcrafted albums, full resolution digital files, wall art, mounted prints, and unique gift options (you will be able to view samples in the studio). 

Location shoots are also available - let's talk about it!

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schedule a shoot / investment

Our session fee is $399*. This fee is due at the time of booking and includes the following:

Pre-Shoot Consultation and preparation - we want to get to know you before your shoot!

Creative brainstorming for the look and feel of your session.

Wardrobe selection and preparation

Studio preparation: Lighting and set preparation.

Complimentary Makeover with Professional Makeup artist * ** We work with professional makeup artists who understand the variability of studio and/or natural lighting, camera settings, and how to execute the perfect look that will translate to beautiful photos. We want you to walk into your session confident that our trained professionals will have you looking your very best. Remember, it is not your job to take an amazing photo, it's ours and it starts in the makeup chair.

The Photo Session! You will join us in our 1000 square foot studio. We will be with you every step of the way from make up, hair, wardrobe, as well as coaching you through the entire shoot.

Post-Shoot: In person reveal and review of your photos + Product ordering guidance. ***

Professional re-touching of all of your final photos.

Have any questions prior to booking? Contact us and let's chat!

* Professional makeup artist required for all sessions; this is included in your session fee. Session fees are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule your shoot date (2 weeks notice required), we will allow 1 complimentary re-scheduling. 

**Professional hair styling can be added to your session for $50 more ($449 total)

Don't wait!

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Products are purchased separately at your in person reveal. Our products range from $899 to $1899.  Our average client investment is $2100 including your session fee. 

Our Product offering includes both A La Carte choices as well as packages to maximize your investment.

Splurge on sumptuous hand crafted Albums, Folio Boxes containing gorgeous hand matted prints, or adorn your home with framed wall art or gallery wraps. 

Examples of all products are available for viewing in person at our studio.

Have something custom or special in mind? Let's create it together.

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We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

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